Laid on the blanket on the bed, duvet comforter instead of or used on wool, cotton, etc. made of thick vegetation.

- The Inches. Needle blanket, blankets and thick fabric of the edge, a type of treatment for cleaning and decoration. (A type of thick yarn and a needle is spaced festoons. By applying various processing needle is obtained with different decorations.)

- Context Needle should blanket, made of intertwined, double needle blanket. (When using dual color, obtained a decorative edge decoration.) (I Cross blanket pins, crossed in the form of blankets made needle. (A type of needle stitched the canvas)

- Blanket needle, needle passing edge node view of the blanket stitch needle. (The battery as it is done to the fabric edges and blankets, Pilikas, what-V can also be processed to the edge of the water.) Pin-down blankets, blankets made in the form of needles lined triangles side by side. (Also called a tent pin.)

- Electric Blankets, insulation blankets for the bed of the heating circuit in a sheath. (Located in the electrical circuit between the double weft fabric, against overheating, are protected by a thermostat.)